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The Search for Eden Collection (DVD & Book) Stan Deyo & Carl Baugh

SKU: G807


Two fantastic resources from Stan Deyo and Carl Baugh!

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The Search for Eden Collection (DVD & Book) Stan Deyo & Carl Baugh

This collection is all about the beginning and features:

Quest for Eden (DVD) Stan Deyo Few people can thrill a crowd like author and researcher Stan Deyo. These two studies are off the charts as Stan takes us to the ends of the Earth in search for the elusive Garden of Eden. Quest For Eden features a LIVE presentation, complete with an intricate musical score and satellite technology. Stan explores and locates the 4 special rivers described in the book of Genesis, leading him to a logical conclusion — he had found the original location of the Garden of Eden! Solomon, Satan, & Seduction is Stan’s second presentation which explores the connection between Solomon and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Is there a Masonic connection in play here? Is the name of the Antichrist revealed in the Bible? Why do Muslims think so highly of King Solomon? The location of Solomon’s richest gold source is revealed in the lecture. BONUS: Derek Gilbert Interviews Stan Deyo! These outstanding presentations by Stan Deyo were recorded live at the Prophecy in the News Prophecy Summit.

Panorama of Creation – Carl Baugh NEW REVISED UPDATED EDITION WITH ADDITIONAL JURASSIC CHAPTER! The battle lines have been drawn. Mankind’s greatest battle – creation vs. evolution – is before us. Man’s rebellious nature has perpetrated the greatest lie in history. Evolution asks us to believe the unbelievable, while creation is portrayed as a myth. Dr. Carl Baugh, in Panorama of Creation, scientifically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that special creation is the only scientific explanation for man’s existence on this planet. This updated edition includes a new chapter that details how dinosaurs were a vital part of God’s creation and examines what the Jurassic Park movie series got right and wrong.

  • FACT: Before the great Flood, the world was encased in a compressed water canopy in which the hydrogen atoms bonded to form a superconductive firmament, bathing the world in pink-dominated light.
  • FACT: Before the great Flood, the oxygen content of the atmosphere was much greater than it is today to allow for bigger animals, and a higher oxygen content in the water made possible abundant marine life of enormous sizes.
  • FACT: Before the great Flood, plant life was much larger and possessed higher vitamin and mineral content to sustain large life forms like the dinosaur.