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The Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, PSI, And The Apocalyptic – Cris Putnam

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Presenting Christian apologetics from an apocalyptic perspective, The Supernatural Worldview offers a close and careful look at supernatural and paranormal phenomena through the lens of biblical scholarship.

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The Supernatural Worldview is a book of Christian apologetics from an apocalyptic perspective. Many supernatural and paranormal phenomena are examined with biblical discernment and some of the usual evangelical answers are found wanting. Even so, cautiousness is encouraged and an ominous trumpet sounded in light of prophetic predictions.

The Supernatural Worldview

If “paranormal” is really “the new normal,” as most leading scholars agree, then Christians face a dilemma in searching for the appropriate level of skepticism amid surprising evidences that support a Supernatural Worldview.  While culture abounds with everything from ghosts to space aliens and all sorts of fantastic nonsense, foundational Christian tenets such as the Resurrection and fulfilled prophecy can be counted among the most incredible supernatural phenomena of all. The Supernatural Worldview encourages cautiousness among believers and sounds an ominous trumpet in light of prophetic predictions given more than 80 years ago by Chinese Christian and visionary author, Watchman Nee.

Walk with the author as he investigates the Rhine Institute (formerly the Duke Parapsychology Lab) to examine the evidence of psi and to gather intelligence on the Institute of Noetic Science and the Global Consciousness Project.

  • Discover what happened between the author and the popular host of It’s Supernatural in Sid Roth’s private office.
  • Read the actual poltergeist experiences of top New Testament scholars.
  • Discover the growing body of evidence for ESP, precognition and psychokinesis.
  • Learn how Watchman Nee’s predictions of end-time psychic powers are suddenly developing among men and women.
  • Read about mysterious scientists and the Eastern spiritual techniques they are promoting to develop psychic power.
  • Find out how near-death experiences are spun to promote the pantheistic worldview.
  • Read about well-evidenced cases of ghosts, poltergeists, and apparitions.
  • Analyze the author’s interviews with paranormal investigators Ray Boeche, ThD, and Natalina of the Extraordinary Intelligence website.

As America follows the world into a post-Christian era (or slides into the Great Apostasy, for those with an eye on Bible prophecy), we are not, contrary to the wishes of neo-atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, becoming a “rational”, atheistic culture, but transforming into one based on New Age and pagan beliefs.

The purpose of The Supernatural Worldview is to offer evidence for the existence of the supernatural realm and to demonstrate that even the scientific and academic communities are beginning to acknowledge it. Christians should be aware of this worldview shift and prepared to offer our friends, colleagues, and family members appropriate and accurate guidance on how to process a supernatural worldview based on the Guidebook to the Supernatural — the Bible.