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War in the Middle East Bundle – The Last War by Jim Fletcher & Isis, Iran, Israel by Mark Hitchcock

SKU: G700


Two books that will help you understand the current crisis in Israel and the Middle East.

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War in the Middle East Bundle – The Last War by Jim Fletcher & Isis, Iran, Israel by Mark Hitchcock

This book bundle features two resources that trace the history and reasons behind the current conflict in Israel and Middle East.


The Last War: The Failure of the Peace Process and the Coming Battle for Jerusalem

After years of confidence-building measures to bring peace to the Middle East, the whole affair is unraveling. Violence in the West Bank has accelerated dramatically. In The Last War, the authors take an in-depth look at the conflict in the Middle East that has simmered and boiled for decades. The Last War answers the questions:

  • Why do Islamic radicals hate the West?
  • What is the world view of the followers of Osama bin Laden?
  • Who are the “Little Satan” and the “Great Satan?”
  • Are we being told the whole truth about our enemies?
  • EXCLUSIVE Read one of the last interviews with Ariel Sharon.

In this in-depth study of the situation in Israel and the Middle East, you will learn little-reported facts about the peace process, the people involved, and you will be able to see clearly that the continuing confrontations are a prelude to a devastating conclusion.

237 pages

Isis, Iran, Israel and the End of Days – Mark Hitchcock

What’s Next for the Middle East…and How Will It Affect Us? Iran has repeatedly declared its intention to destroy Israel. ISIS continues to gain ground, leaving a trail of death and terror in its wake. And Russia is inserting itself into Middle Eastern affairs in a power play prophesied long ago. ISIS, Iran, Israel, by prophecy scholar Mark Hitchcock, contains all-new information on ISIS, Russian involvement in Syria and Iran, and the state of relations between Israel and Iran. Hitchcock brings a strong biblical perspective to the latest conflicts, while answering important questions such as…

  • Where did ISIS come from—and why are its tactics so brutal?
  • Are we on the road to the Apocalypse?
  • Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
  • What can we expect in the days to come?
  • How are events in the Middle East affecting America today?

An eye-opening survey of where things stand and how it all ties in with Bible prophecy.

240 pages