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Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith

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Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith Paperback – March 7, 2023

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At a time when the Bible and Christianity are considered untrustworthy, will we choose faith or follow the culture?

This book will provide you with the facts and understanding you need to respond to difficult questions biblically and stay rooted in your faith even when others seem to be abandoning theirs.

We are living in unprecedented times when Christian leaders are renouncing their faith and large numbers of believers are falling away. Is this the final apostasy prophesied by Jesus and Paul? And can we do anything to help those struggling with their faith? In Why So Many Christians Have Left the Faith, Dr. Michael L. Brown confronts the problem of “Christian deconstruction” with solid, faith-building answers and honest responses to difficult questions. He addresses:

  • What the Bible says about an end-time falling away and whether that is what we are seeing in our day;
  • How solidarity with and sympathy for the LGBT movement has brought with it a rejection of biblical values;
  • The effect of leadership scandals on the credibility of the gospel;
  • How the me-centered gospel is contributing to the current faith crisis by putting God on trial;
  • The contemporary objections to the Bible’s moral standards;
  • The problem of pluralism; and
  • What the Bible does and doesn’t say about future punishment in hell, while also examining the scriptural statement that “God is love.”

Looking at the stories of those who fell away as well as the larger cultural factors, this book offers solid answers to the major attacks against the Bible and helps readers build an unshakable faith.