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Cauldron – Terry James

SKU: S1219

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“Terry James is not only a great investigative author; he is one of the few men who actually know why the world is on the verge of self-destruction and what must be done about it. In this latest work, he reveals a deep understanding of the end-times prophecies of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, and what is about to happen next. Read this report now, and then pass it on to your friends. It is urgent.” — Dr. Tim LaHaye

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Cauldron: Supernatural Implications Of The Current Middle East And Why What Happens Next Will Be Important To You

Rumors of war boil angrily within the Middle East at this present hour. Just as Egyptian dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser vowed to push all Jews into the Mediterranean, so have today’s Israel-haters proclaimed they will push all of God’s chosen people into the sea, erasing all traces of the Jewish state from the land. Iran is on the brink of producing atomic weaponry with which to accomplish that avowed threat. Many fear World War III could begin if the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) attacks Iran’s nuclear production facilities. The struggle is far more than a modern one. It goes back to the beginning of man’s existence on Planet Earth. And now the push by both Muslims and Jews to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem is seen by some as a trigger event that could ultimately boil over into all-out Armageddon.