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April 23-24, 2018

Falling to Peaces...Part 1

Falling to Peaces...Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino

Guest: Dana Malchow  

Covering these topics in the 12 parts of Falling to Peaces: 

  1. Is the coexist concept the      answer to peace?  
  2.   Bible:  Truth or      Fiction?
  3.   How does the Bible      answer the question of peace, and is God behind      the World Peace Movement
  4. The      Fall to Peaces that started in the Garden of Eden--is there a literal evil      being/hell?
  5. Serpent      energy---is God energy or a force?  Why is our society so      fascinated with ‘energy’, is it Biblical?  Mind/Body/Spirit and      Mother Earth are covered also.  
  6. Wheels      of Wisdom---”your eyes will be opened”, Enlightenment/Man’s      Wisdom/Meditation/god within vs. wisdom through the Holy      Spirit/Rebirth.  New Age/Alternative Spirituality Worldview vs.      Biblical Worldview
  7. Secret      Within Self--Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Alchemy, Eastern Mysticism,      etc.--finding divinity within.  
  8. Masterful      Mimic--Satan masquerading as light...ex., Christ vs. Christ Consciousness,      Biblical Ascension vs. Human Ascension, Jesus Christ vs. Master Jesus,      Holy Spirit vs. Spirit Guides, etc.
  9. Counterfeit      Light---Reiki, Near Death, etc., people claiming to have encounters with      ‘the light’.  Communication with counterfeit      spirits:  ghosts, extraterrestrials, Mother Mary,      etc....channeling of spirits.
  10. Unholy      Fire--as above/so below vs. on earth as it is in heaven, Thoth and other      rulers of darkness, Satan's conspiracy to unite us as one.
  11. Passing      the Torch--How Satan repackages the lie from fringe, to mainstream, to the      church itself.
  12. Peace      or Pandemonium?  Where is all of this headed?‚Äč  


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