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"The Real World Most Do Not Know Part 2"



On Today's Program 


November 12, 2018

Trump Aftershock....Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino 

Guest: Stephen E. Strang

Trump Aftershock by Stephen E. Strang explores how Trump’s agenda aims to:

  • Free the economy and stock market to boom as never before
  • Restore the federal courts with judges who rule by the Constitution, not legislate from the bench
  • Address the surge of illegal immigration
  • Rebuild the US military to ensure peace through strength
  • Combat the media's fake news war on the president
  • Deal with Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin, and others through an unconventional approach to foreign policy
  • Expose the deep state and the agenda of former President Obama
  • Strengthen ties with Israel and find a lasting peace in the Middle East
  • Protect religious liberty and traditional values
  • Uplift America’s standing in the world while putting America’s interests first
  • And more!

In Trump Aftershock, Strang explores Trump's effect on American culture from a Christian perspective.




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