Rise of the One-World Mind book by Joshua Davis

Praise for Rise of the One-World Mind

No doubt, this is a weighty topic and Josh Davis does not sugarcoat any of it. However, there is a refreshing, positive attitude that pervades the entire book. “I am convinced,” writes the author, “we can live with peace instead of panic and confident hope instead of fearful anxiety.”

—Pastor Larry Spargimino, Ph.D., Host of the Watchman on the Wall broadcast of Southwest Radio Ministries

In Rise of the One-World Mind, Josh Davis expertly ties together the brainwashing of our day to what the Bible reveals about the coming one-world government. He provides a behind-the-scenes look at how the elite powerbrokers of our day are shaping world opinion in order to advance their agenda of world domination.
—Jonathan Brentner, Christian author and speaker

Rise of the One-World Mind

How to Thrive Under the Threat of Globalism

Thousands of years ago, the Bible prophesied the Antichrist’s global agenda for the end times. The prophesied one-world government, economy, and worship mindsets are taking root across the world. The stage is being set for the biblical end-times scenario.

Unmasking the agendas at work in our world seems intimidating. Fear threatens us into silent submission. Guilt trips trick our emotions to get on board with the global agenda. However, we do not need to be scared or intimidated. More than merely listing the problems with the one-world mind, this book seeks to offer solutions.

This is not the time to go into hiding; rather, this is the time to stand boldly upon God’s truth. Some of the solutions offered in this book include:

  • Understand how the one-world mindset is rising
  • Discover God’s blueprint for conquering this mindset in your personal life
  • Be ready for eternity
  • Be equipped for this battle
  • Stand strong as a faithful watchman on the wall
  • Focus on Jesus

The true church has the light of life this searching world desperately needs. Will we succumb to the one-world mind or stand out as a beacon of light in the darkness?


Picture of Joshua R. Davis

Joshua R. Davis

Joshua R. Davis (M.Div., Southern Evangelical Seminary) serves as Staff Evangelist with Southwest Radio Ministries. He also serves on the pastoral staff of his home church in Bristol, Virginia. God has blessed Josh with his lovely wife, Amanda, and two beautiful children.