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European Union: The Revived Roman Empire – Larry Spargimino and Alan Franklin

SKU: B871


Larry Spargimino and Alan Franklin examine Europe’s rising hatred toward the U.S.

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European Union: The Revived Roman Empire

A new and militant Europe is rising, and it is looking more like the Europe of Biblical prophecy. It is showing a new militancy against the U.S. After the election of George W. Bush, the London Daily Mail featured a front-page picture of President Bush with the caption: “How can 59,054,087 people be so DUMB?” Germany’s Der Spiegel also found fault with America and stated: “The country’s puritanical Christian soul is no longer submerged or hidden.”

How do we explain Europe’s rising animosity against America in general, and Christianity in particular? The trends and truths discussed in this informative booklet will help you understand the forces operating behind the scenes that are ushering us into a time of apocalyptic conflict.