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Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints – Aaron Judkins

SKU: H014


Aaron Judkins debunks the lie of evolution and proves that the creation model explains the fossil record.

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Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints – Aaron Judkins

Over the past 150 years, science has taught the theory of life origins by evolutionary concepts, finalizing theory without empirical evidence. It does not allow for questions or alternative views about our origins. In Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints, Aaron Judkins challenges the modern-day evolutionary interpretations and examines the fossil record to show that man did in fact walk with the dinosaurs.

“Dr. Aaron Judkins has provided an academic service of inestimable value in the search for human fossil footprints and the origins of mankind. His exhaustive documentation of human footprints in rock strata around the world verifies that man is not the product of long evolutionary ages but has instead left his mark throughout the geologic column with man present in all its epochs. The inevitable conclusion to be drawn is that man is the creation of supernatural design and the myriad of fossils associated with the footprints represent his companions in the Great Flood.” – Dr. Carl Baugh