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Evolution and the New World Order (DVD) Michael Hoggard

SKU: X1062


Michael Hoggard asks and answers some very important questions about evolution in this study.

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Evolution and the New World Order (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Michael Hoggard asks some very important questions in Evolution and the New World Order DVD.

  • Why is evolution a religion?
  • Why is the theory of evolution taught as fact in our schools?
  • What does evolution teach about where man is going to evolve in the future and how?
  • Can the New World Order exist without evolution?

The answer to all these questions and much, much more can be found in Evolution and the New World Order.

80 Minutes

About Pastor Michael Hoggard: Few pastors in America possess such a deep and keen insight into the workings of Secret Societies and in Freemasonry. Pastor Hoggard further understands the role Freemasonry played in the formation of America, as he has studied the individual Founding Fathers very well. Hoggard also understands spiritual warfare and how it is impacting this world today and its current leadership, both political and religious. In fact, Hoggard is very aware of the unique prophetic role which this era is playing in world events; time and time again, Hoggard will demonstrate which news events are fulfilling prophetic Scripture right in front of your eyes. Pastor Hoggard uses the King James Bible exclusively and gently demonstrates its inherent superiority.