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There are no limitations to what God can achieve.


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In the third book of the SWRC “Legacy” devotional series, DR. Edward Frederick Webber, the founder of Southwest Radio Church of the Air, Inc., explores the notion that “Nothing is impossible with God or for God,” a common expression often heard. In a message delivered by Dr. E.F. Webber over 64 years ago, he delves into this theme to explore the concept of whether there are limitations to what God can achieve.


Dr. Webber examines five impossibilities attributed to God:


  • God’s incapacity to deceive.
  • Salvation is exclusive to faith in Jesus Christ and His redemptive sacrifice.
  • The inability of genuine believers to persist in habitual sin.
  • The impossibility of those who remain unsaved to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • The assurance that those genuinely saved through faith in Jesus Christ will not be lost.