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Is There a Cure for America’s Cancer?

America has cancer. Monday’s horrific shooting at Covenant School in Nashville reveals the cancer is spreading. Our ministry is heartbroken over this tragedy. We are praying for this community as they walk down a path none of us want to ever face.

For our nation to heal, we must address the underlying cancerous issue. First, we must know what the issue is. Very few are talking about this point.

As news of the tragic shooting broke, liberal politicians immediately talked about gun control legislation while conservative news media focused on our nation’s mental health crisis. However, they both fail to address the real American crisis – sin. This heartbreaking event shows we have a deep spiritual cancer that is spreading from shore to shore. Hurting people lash out to hurt others. Our deep brokenness is revealed in our evil actions. It must be addressed for these senseless tragedies to cease.

Consider an example to help us think through our national cancer: A middle-aged American man was called in by his doctor for an important consultation. The kind physician compassionately broke the news to this man that he had a cancerous tumor.

As the man sat in shock at his diagnosis, he asked the doctor to clarify, “You’re saying I have cancer? I don’t feel that bad. I haven’t noticed any strange symptoms. I feel like I’m pretty normal.”

The kind physician replies, “Yes, the tests reveal you have a cancerous tumor inside your body. If it is not treated, this cancer will spread. It will kill you if you do not address it.”

As he lovingly broke the bad news, he instantly shared some good news, like a beacon of hope breaking through a dark cloud. “This cancer is completely treatable. We can surgically remove the tumor and you will get well. I recommend this surgery as soon as possible.”

The man argued with his physician, “Look, everyone has a cancerous tumor of some kind. You told one of my best friends the same thing a couple of years ago and he is still enjoying his life. He started going to another physician who told him to stop calling it cancer and to call it something more positive. This physician told my friend that this tumor is a part of who he is. He encouraged him to embrace it as his journey and destiny. The physician prescribed some painkillers to my friend and encouraged him to enjoy life to its fullest while it lasted.

“So now my friend is out traveling the world, soaking in all the experiences of a lifetime. When the pain starts to escalate, he takes a pill and the pain goes away. Why can’t you do the same for me?”

The wise doctor removed his reading glasses and sat forward in his desk chair as he said, “If that was the best treatment option, then yes, I would do it in a heartbeat. Who wants to go through surgery when just a pill will do? But I know what happens as this cancer begins to spread. I warned your friend that he is in for some serious pain as this cancer eats away at his body from the inside out. He faces a future where the pain pills won’t touch the pain he’s experiencing. By not dealing with his cancer now, he is making it much worse for himself. He faces a horrible future. I do not want to see you go down this same path. This cancer is not who you are. You can call it whatever you want, but it doesn’t change what is happening inside you. It has invaded your body and is slowly killing you. This surgery will cure you so that you will not suffer the same fate as your friend.”

America, we have cancer. When a Bible preacher shares the bad news of sin, we bristle and ignore his warnings of sin’s destructive power. We turn to other “positive” voices who affirm our cancer as normal. They offer painkillers to numb sin’s painful sting. We want to get rid of our symptoms while ignoring the root cause.

Our culture thinks these affirming “positive” voices show the most love, but we must ask ourselves an important question. Which physician showed more love? The one who prescribed painkillers with a positive message while ignoring the future pain, or the one who kindly called this cancer “bad” while offering total healing through surgery?

As a Bible preacher and follower of Jesus, I do not find any sense of satisfaction as I share the bad news of sin and its devastating effects. I share it because I feel that it is the most loving thing I can do for you.

I do not wish to leave you with bad news. There is a beacon of hope shining through the dark clouds. A cure is available to you today that will remove the effects of your cancerous sin. This cure is not a pill. It is a person – Jesus!

The Bible is clear: sin is a cancer we all have. It is destroying us from the inside. It always leads to death. Jesus did not have the cancer of sin, but He willingly took our cancer on Himself as He died on the cross. Through His death and resurrection, He provided a cure. If we will receive his free cure, He will heal us and give us His everlasting life.

You can receive His cure today by faith. There are no magic words that we must pray to receive His gift, but you may want to pray a prayer like this, “Dear Jesus, I know I have the cancer of sin. I believe you died and rose again to give me the cure I need. By faith, I receive your cure. I ask you to heal me and make me spiritually whole. Thank you, Jesus, for changing me from the inside out. I love you! In Jesus’ name, amen.”

If you prayed a prayer like that today, the Bible says heaven rejoices with you. We rejoice with you, too! Let me encourage you to tell a strong Christian about your decision to follow Jesus. Go to a good Bible-based church this Sunday. The Christian life is a vibrant journey with our wonderful Savior, Jesus. Contact our ministry any time if we can assist you in knowing Jesus or growing in Him.

America, we have cancer but the cure is Jesus. Our nation will find healing only through Him. If we continue to only address the symptoms, our country will continue to erode. Legislation can try to fence in evil, but it can never cure its cause. The good news of Jesus is the only hope for our nation. May we open our eyes to this cancer growing inside of us before it is too late!

Monday’s shooting in Nashville occurred at a Christian school. Trusting in Jesus does not remove suffering from our lives; rather, it gives us hope beyond the pain and clarity in the chaos. We know He is working all things together for our greatest good.

Pastor Chad Scruggs not only serves as the pastor of the church where the shooting occurred, but his 9-year-old daughter was also among those killed. He expressed a simple statement of faith amidst his deep loss: “Through tears, we trust that she is in the arms of Jesus who will raise her to life once again.”

May our Lord Jesus Christ bring His peace that passes all understanding into the hearts and minds of all those affected by Monday’s tragedy. May the Holy Spirit’s comforting presence be deeply felt by each member of this community. May God the Father bring a greater good out of this tragedy than what evil intended. May many souls turn to Jesus through faith.

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Josh Davis

SWRC Staff Evangelist Josh Davis accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at a young age and grew up in a preacher’s home. While preparing for a career in pharmacy, God redirected Josh’s heart, mind, and future to prepare for ministry. He earned a Master of Divinity from Southern Evangelical Seminary near Charlotte, NC. He has served his home church in pastoral ministry since 2007. God has blessed Josh with a lovely wife and two wonderful kids.

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