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Islam in Genesis Bundle (Book & DVD) Avi Lipkin

SKU: G693


Islam in Genesis Book & DVD Bundle by Avi Lipkin.

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Islam in Genesis Bundle (Book & DVD) Avi Lipkin

Islam Prophesied in Genesis – Avi Lipkin

Beginning in October of each year, synagogues launch a year-long series of reading the five books of Moses. The book of Genesis is divided up into twelve sections, covering three months of reading. Those twelve divisions actually offer a prophetic view of Israel’s ancient enemy – Ishmael. Avi Lipkin reviews those eschatological aspects in the book of Genesis and finds striking proof that Islam’s threat to the world was prophesied a long, long time ago.

The Islamic Koran cannot be lumped together with the Jewish Old Testament and the Christian New Testament as “sister” books. Rather, the Islamic Koran is the antithesis of the Judeo-Christian Bible; and Islam is the antithesis of Judeo-Christian western civilization and democracy. Islam is prophesied in Genesis and the survival of the human race depends upon reaching the necessary conclusion about Islam. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gives the answer in the book of Genesis.

Avi Lipkin, in Islam Prophesied in Genesis, reviews eschatological aspects in the book of Genesis and finds striking suggestions that Islam’s threat to the world is prophesied. God’s teaching in the book of Genesis provides the human race with clear choices:

  • Creation vs. Destruction
  • Life vs. Death
  • Love vs. Hate
  • Peace vs. War
  • Civilization vs. anti-civilization
  • God vs. Allah

Creation vs. Destruction: Islam in the Book of Genesis (DVD) Avi Lipkin

Avi Lipkin has spoken to numerous churches, synagogues, and civic groups, including radio and television appearances. He offers compelling proof that the fanaticism of Islam is the number one threat to world peace today.

In this study, Lipkin reviews the Book of Genesis and compares the differences between the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of the Jews and Christians, the God of the Bible, to Allah, or Allah the moon-god.