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Jesus Christ: Our Intelligent Designer – An Evaluation Of The Intelligent Design Movement – John Whitcomb

SKU: S1749

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“John Whitcomb… is one of the great theologians of our day and a pioneer of creation scholarship. He sees clearly the dangers of bringing wrong thinking into the church. We would all do well to heed his insightful advice.”  — John Morris

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Is Intelligent Design the Christian’s answer to evolutionists and their naturalistic explanations for origins, or is it an unacceptable compromise that sacrifices the true Creator for an undefined designer? Is it a powerful apologetic for the biblical faith or a watered-down version of creation that intentionally leaves out the gospel of Christ? Renowned theologian John Whitcomb addresses these issues in a succinct and careful analysis of the Intelligent Design Movement, arguing that while intelligent design is essential to biblical Christianity, it is infinitely insufficient.