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Jets from the People’s Republic of China Approach Taiwan Two Days in a Row—Taiwanese Jets Give Verbal Warnings

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Taiwan’s air force scrambled a second day in a row on Monday, February 10, to intercept Chinese war planes that approached Taiwan, the island claimed by China. Reports from Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said Chinese jets, accompanying H-6 bombers, briefly crossed an unofficial midline in the Taiwan Strait that separates the two nations, fueling a potentially dangerous military situation.

China has been flying what it calls “island encirclement” drills on and off since 2016 when Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen first took office. Beijing believes Tsai, who won re-election last month, wishes to push for the island’s formal independence. President Tsai says Taiwan is an independent country called “The Republic of China.”

China angrily urged Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party—the DPP—“not to play with fire.” China said that Taiwan has been “adopting a stance that increases cross-strait confrontation, intensifying new moves   for Taiwan-U.S. collusion, using the opportunity to seek independence and openly carrying out dangerous provocations.”

These latest menacing fly-bys from China came as Taiwan’s vice-president elect, William Lai, was returning from a visit to Washington, where he attended the high-profile National Prayer Breakfast, at which U.S. President Donald Trump spoke. China denounced Lai’s trip. The United States is Taiwan’s most important backer and arms supplier.

It seems like the folks in Hong Kong don’t like China, and the people in Taiwan don’t like China, either.

One word describes China – “Bully.”

China has been plagued by the bird flu, then the swine  flu, then SARS, and now the coronavirus. Do you think God is trying to tell them something?

It’s pretty hard for the Chinese Communist Party to listen to God since they think they are God. What else God will bring upon them is anyone’s guess.

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