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Men Walked with Dinosaurs (DVD) Michael Hoggard

SKU: X1022


A must-see for every Christian who needs facts to counter the evolutionary lie.

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Man Walked with Dinosaurs (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Pastor Hoggard proves through Scripture, backed by REAL science, that man and dinosaurs lived on this earth at the same time period! Hoggard is at his most persuasive in this DVD, a must-see for every Christian who needs facts to counter the evolutionary lie.

  • Did dinosaurs really evolve 248 million years ago, as Evolutionists want us to believe?
  • Did man evolve much later, never having to live with the dinosaurs on Planet Earth?
  • Did God really create this world in six (6) literal 24-hour days?

After showing scientific facts that this Earth is really young, Pastor Hoggard shows where Scripture reports that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time period. Man truly did walk with the dinosaurs.

The teaching of evolution in the public school system is the main reason only 10 percent of children from Christian homes continue to go to church. Most pastors no longer try to answer evolutionists or defend the biblical account of creation. This DVD will do that for them.

About Pastor Michael Hoggard: Few pastors in America possess such a deep and keen insight into the workings of Secret Societies and in Freemasonry. Pastor Hoggard further understands the role Freemasonry played in the formation of America, as he has studied the individual Founding Fathers very well. Hoggard also understands spiritual warfare and how it is impacting this world today and its current leadership, both political and religious. In fact, Hoggard is very aware of the unique prophetic role which this era is playing in world events; time and time again, Hoggard will demonstrate which news events are fulfilling prophetic Scripture right in front of your eyes. Pastor Hoggard uses the King James Bible exclusively and gently demonstrates its inherent superiority.