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world map on girls faceSouthwest Radio Ministries has taken seriously the call to go into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first month that Noah Hutchings worked at the ministry in 1951, he wrote a check for one month's contributions to the Sudan Interior Mission for $110.000. This would be equal to several million dollars today.

Current Missions

Some of the missions Southwest Radio Ministries currently supports include:

  • CambodiaIn the 1970s, millions of Cambodians were killed by the Khmer Rouge regime of Pol Pot. Cambodia currently has a population of over 14 million, most of them in lower income brackets. Southwest Radio Ministries has partnered with Dr. Heng Lim, a refugee from Cambodia, who has a great burden to lead the people of his homeland to Christ. Read more about or mission outreach to Cambodia
  • ChinaRev. Hutchings and Dr. Bob Glaze of this ministry have sponsored and led seven mission tors to China. Rev. Hutchings' salvation booklet in Chinese, Happiness, has been distributed by the tens of thousands in China. Southwest Radio Ministries also supports an underground mission in Hong Kong that supplies house churches and underground churches in China with Bibles and teaching materials. Read more about our mission outreach to China.
  • Onesimus Prison ProjectNamed for the runaway slave mentioned by Paul in the Book of Philemon, this ministry to prisoners in jails and prisons around the country holds a special place in Southwest Radio Ministries. We receive countless letters of appreciation from prisoners and prison chaplains almost every day for the materials sent and lives touched by this ministry outreach. Read more about our Onesimus Prison Ministry.
  • PakistanAlthough officially a Muslim country, many in Pakistan are hungry to hear the Gospel. Southwest Radio Ministries provides funds for Bibles to Victor Sammuel, who is leading a church mission in this dangerous country. Twice a week, Dr. Larry Spargimino preaches on Bible doctrine and end-times prophecy to the congregation there via Skype. Southwest Radio Ministries also supports a Christian school and provides funds for food and medical treatment for those who can't go to the hospital because they are Christians. Read more about our mission outreach to Pakistan
  • Cameroon—This West African nation between Nigeria and the Congo of over 17 million people is 40 percent Christian, 20 percent Muslim, and is open to the Gospel. Our broadcasts are now being broadcast five days a week in Cameroon.


Past Missions

Missions the ministry has supported throughout the years have included:

  • Jewish Relief—Southwest Radio Ministries raised millions of dollars to help Jews recover from Nazi persecution and the Holocaust, and to return home to their native land, Israel.
  • Sudan Interior Mission—Over $1 million was sent to maintain missionaries in Sudan. The Christians being persecuted in Sudan today are the children and grandchildren of those who converted to Christianity through this missionary effort.
  • African Inland Mission—The ministry supported many missionaries among tribes in the Congo.
  • China Inland Missions—Southwest Radio Church supported Christian missionaries in China before the communist takeover in 1950. Dr. E. F. Webber caught the last plane out of Shanghai before the army of Mao Tse-tung marched into the city.
  • Nepal Border Missions and Valore, India, Eye Clinic—Both missions reached these difficult areas of the world with the Gospel as means and opportunities were available.
  • Korean Orphans Home—The ministry supported an orphan's home in Seoul, Korea, for the thousands of children left homeless by the terrible Korean War in the early 1950s.
  • Profecias Biblicas—Southwest Radio Church maintained a network of stations in Central and South America to broadcast their program in Spanish. Rev. Noah Hutchings also traveled throughout Central America to witness and speak in churches.
  • Romania and Moldova—When Romania obtained independence after the fall of the old Soviet Empire, we sent tapes of our broadcasts to Little Samaritan Radio, which translated the tapes into Romanian and broadcast them over 15 radio stations in Romania and Moldova. From time to time, we still send copies of our broadcasts to Romania.
  • Burma—Christians are under increasingly intense persecution in Burma. Sometimes, Christian women are raped, resulting in death, and one Christian woman was hung upside down on a cross. Southwest Radio Ministries supports Christian missionaries within Burma, as well as sending them Bibles and supplies. 
  • Russia—Southwest Radio Ministries has supported two missionaries to the Russian people, Truett Dodd and Brother George Both men have unique ministries and feel called by God to minister to the material and spiritual needs of the Russian people. 
  • Water4Our latest mission partnership was with Water4. Just as clean water is necessary for physical life, the Gospel is necessary for spiritual life. Water4 provides both to those in African communities who have neither.
  • Mongolia—Mongolia is another country in which Christianity is exploding in spite of increasing religious persecution by the government. Southwest Radio Ministries also supports missionaries and missionary efforts within this country.
  • Others—Throughout the years, Southwest Radio Ministries has sponsored and supported many other missions and missionaries since it was founded in 1933. These missions are too numerous to mention. Southwest Radio Ministries has also kept open its communications mediums to missionaries, ministers, and authors who have a mission or a message that should be shared with our listeners.
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