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Molecular Babylon (DVD) Sharon Gilbert

SKU: X1569


Four cutting-edge presentations from Sharon Gilbert.

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Molecular Babylon (DVD) Sharon Gilbert

Geneticists believe they can alter human DNA and create a better human being. Transhumanists believe they can manipulate our DNA as they strive for biological and technological immortality. Old occultists believe they can enhance our DNA by ritual and dark powers. Military specialists seek to transform our soldier’s DNA to create a modern-day super-soldier. The implications of altering human DNA are chilling. Our DNA may be one of the last battlefields and it seems that many are seeking to transmute, enhance, and even weaponize it.

  • What are the ramifications of the new discoveries of DNA?
  • Does the Bible warn about tampering with God’s design?

These cutting-edge presentations by Sharon Gilbert were recorded live at the Prophecy in the News Prophecy Summit.


  1. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
  2. Hacking the Ladder
  3. DNA 101
  4. Molecular Babylon