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Over 11% of American Households Now Homeschool their Children

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If you have school aged children, you fall into two categories. 1 – those who have seen the problem and are planning to deal with it or already have, or 2 – those who are blissfully ignorant. What is the problem, you ask? The direction of the thinking of those who have assumed the role of educators of our children. The recent editions of school textbooks and the teachers who have populated the fronts of the classrooms in recent years do not represent the thinking those of us who are older maintain. 

That shift in ideological direction has changed the landscape of government-controlled education and in the case of the students who are drinking in their every word, it is changing them into being something their parents might have a hard time recognizing in the future.

CV NEWS FEED , August 31, 2021 // The number of Americans who homeschool has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020, with the latest census data showing that over 11% of U.S. households now educate their children at home.

The sea change first began to show itself in the Fall of 2020 at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year. Some families were stonewalled by school districts kept closed due to controversial COVID-19 lockdown policies. Others opted to homeschool rather than rely on unpopular forms of video-conference learning or sending their children back to heavily restricted classroom environments.

The rate of homeschooling doubled for many demographic groups in 2020 alone, according to a report from the Bellwether Education Partners. Black American households saw the sharpest rise in homeschooling, with a rate that more than quadrupled.

“Census data shows that homeschooling families grew at a rapid rate from 1999 to 2012 before plateauing at around 3.3% of the entire U.S. population,” the Washington Examiner reported:

The data also showed that more diverse demographics have opted to turn away from traditional learning. Approximately 9.7% of white families have retreated to homeschooling, along with 12.1% of Hispanic families, 8.8% of Asian families, and 16.1% of black families, according to the [Bellwether] report.

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