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Parables of the Olivet Discourse (Pre-Order)

SKU: H057


“Legacy” devotional series

In stock

In the second installment of the SWRC “Legacy” devotional series, initially published in March 1975, Dr. David F. Webber presents a collection of teachings on the parables of the Olivet Discourse. These parables, found in Matthew 24–25, focus on the anticipated return of the Lord to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, signifying the core theme of the Olivet Discourse. Notably, these teachings do not pertain to the era of the church.


The chapters featured in this devotional book are as follows:

  • Parable of the Fig Tree
  • The Days of Noah
  • Parable of the One Taken and the One Left
  • Parable of the Ten Virgins
  • Parable of the Talents
  • Parable of the Goats and Sheep