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Raising Spiritual Champions

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As Christians, the ultimate goal for your child is to embody the characteristics of Christ, the Son of God sent to demonstrate His desire for us. But how can you realistically help your child imitate the life of Jesus Christ?

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Nurturing Your Child’s Heart, Mind and Soul

Renowned researcher and bestselling author George Barna reveals that who your child will be as an adult is essentially determined by the age of 13―their core beliefs, morals, values, desires, and lifestyle. Raising your child is an exciting opportunity to influence a life, but it is also a daunting assignment. Parents have the God-given responsibility―and privilege―to guide the development of their children, a responsibility that cannot be delegated to schools, churches, media, or community organizations. Based on extensive national research, Barna outlines a biblical approach to raising children with the “Seven Cornerstones of a Biblical Worldview.”

Carefully blending scripture and sociological insights, Barna explains how parents can lead their children to:

* Establish their God-given identity
* Develop appropriate life priorities
* Grasp the source and significance of the truth
* Embrace an eternal perspective
* Properly define life success
* Find compelling meaning and purpose

Raising Spiritual Champions is a dynamic, Bible-based, research-supported guide for the parents of tomorrow’s Christian Church.

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 272 pages