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Serving in His Court The TV Series

SKU: X1590


16 Episode Tv Series Filmed in our Studios

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One of the defining works of the Christian life is sharing the Gospel. Nothing is more important and few things are more frightening. Knowing what needs to be done and how to do it are very different things. Larry Stamm strips away the mystery and the fear of sharing one’s faith — your faith. Before entering full-time ministry, Larry spent years coaching tennis. In Serving in His Court, he draws on those years of professional coaching to teach believers everywhere how to share the Good News. Larry uses the sport of tennis as a metaphor for intentional witnessing and covers everything the evangelistic Christian needs to know. Heartfelt, casual, to the point, and drawn from years of one-on-one witnessing, Serving in His Court will help anyone who wants to change the world one person at a time.


Serving in His Court A 212 Book $20

Serving in His Court Book and DVD Bundle $55