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Showdown with Nuclear Iran – Mike Evans and Jerome Corsi

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This well written and informative book could be called “Islam 101.” If you have ever wondered about the extreme views of the militant Muslims, this book will give you an in depth understanding of their beliefs.

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Showdown with Nuclear Iran – Mike Evans and Jerome Corsi

Is the world ready for nuclear Jihad?

Showdown with Nuclear Iran is a gripping and detailed exposé of Iran’s relentless pursuit of atomic weapons and its apocalyptic goal of wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Michael D. Evans, who has been working in the Middle East for the last three decades, cuts through the official lies and deceptions of the Iranian government and reveals in terrifying detail:

  • how close the radical Islamic republic is to fulfilling its nuclear ambitions
  • how Iran’s president believes he has a divine mission to destroy Israel and cripple the United States in a nuclear holocaust
  • and what America must do to avert this global disaster

With the Middle East poised at the brink, Showdown with Nuclear Iran provides much-needed perspective on the current crisis and the dire threat that a nuclear Iran poses to the existence of Israel and global stability.

“The most detailed account of the Iranian regime’s determination, policy, and plan to acquire military nuclear capabilities. Mike Evans delves into the roots of the Iranian revolution and explores Iranian history to better understand a major challenge to the western world. he compellingly analyzes policy options for confronting this threat.”                                                – Lt. Gen. Moshe Ya’Alon, ret., former Chief of Staff, Israeli Defense Force