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Sing God’s Plan

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CD Baby
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Charlie Evans
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Sing God’s Plan

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ALBUM DESCRIPTION There are 29 songs in this 2 disc album that were chosen to illustate the story of God’s Plan from Creation, through the fall of Adam, Jesus’Resurrection and promise of eternity in heaven. May they reveal to listeners the importance of achieving an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, thereby assuring them of a place in God’s kingdom. The performers are: Charlie Evans, tenor/baritone Galina Gerakosov, pianist Tom Nowicki, saxophonist Bill Duvall, narrator OUTSTANDING FEATURES The Theme: This is not just easy listening music. It is chosen and arranged to reveal God’s wonderful salvation plan to us. They are songs of prayer, praise, and testimony, all eloquently expressing a need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Variety: This album contains an eclective mix of sacred music, with favorite spirituals and hymns represented, using some clever arrangements by Craig Courtney, among others. There are some contemporary numbers that are particularly effective in communicating the Christian faith. There are some old, seldom performed sacred songs by such long departed composers as John Prindle Scott and Beardsley Van de Water that take words directly from the Bible and give them life. For many music CD’s, each song seems to have the same beat, the same use of the singing voice, the same kind of song and emotional expression, and can be boring to listen to, prompting some to lament ‘they all sound the same’. The songs in this album express many different emotions of the believer, in a number of different styles and presentations. You will never be bored and will enjoy all of them. The Quality: This music is performed by dedicated musicians who have spent many years as performers before large audiences in many venues. Charlie Evans is a trained singer who has performed many roles with opera companies in Milwaukee and Chicago, as soloist at ethnic festivals, and as a soloist at Hales Corners Lutheran Church and other large churches in Milwaukee and throughout the country. Pianist Galina Gerakosov is a professional pianist and teacher, serves in the music ministry at St. James Catholic Church in Franklin, Wisconsin and has played in numerous piano competitions including Metropolitan Opera. Saxophonist Tom Nowicki has performed in a number of community bands in the Milwaukee area, including Night Winds. Narrator Bill Duvall is a retired professor of music and voice teacher in Milwaukee. DETAILED INFORMATION ON ALBUM AND SONGS The songs in this album were chosen to illustrate the story of God’s Plan from Creation, through the fall of Adam, Jesus’ Resurrection and promise of eternity in heaven. May they reveal to listeners the importance of achieving an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, thereby assuring them of a place in God’s kingdom. CD 1 1. In the Beginning Words: Genesis 1:1-3 Music: Joseph Haydn In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said: Let there be light; and there was light. 2. The Fall of Adam: Adam, Where Are You? Words and Music: Words based on Genesis, and Music by Don Francisco © 1978 Rocky Mountain Ministries. Used by Permission. Words from Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:15-17 are narrated by Bill Duvall. Then Don Francisco’s song illustrates the fact that Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and introduced sin and death into the perfect world that God had made. You can hear the anger and agony in God’s voice and feel the guilt in Adam, as God cries out, “Adam, where are you?” 3. O God, Have Mercy Words: Holy Bible Music: Felix Mendlesohn This song expresses the plaintive prayer of Adam, King David, and all who followed after them, using words from Psalm 51, verses 1, and 11-17: O God, have mercy, have mercy upon me, And blot out my transgressions, according to Thy loving kindness. Yea, even for Thy mercy’s sake. Deny me not.
1.1 In the Beginning, By Joseph Haydn 1.2 Adam, Where Are You, By Don Francisco, Beginning with Narrative 1.3 Oh God, Have Mercy, By Felix Mendelssohn 1.4 If My People Will Pray, By Jimmie Owens 1.5 Fear Not Ye, O Israel, By Dudley Buck 1.6 The Good Shepherd, By Beardsley Van de Water 1.7 The Lord Is My Light, By Francis Allitsen 1.8 On Eagle’s Wings, By Michael Joncas, Arranged By Jack Schrader 1.9 Be Not Afraid, By Craig Courtney 1.10 O Divine Redeemer, By Charles Gounod 1.11 Repent Ye, By John Prindle Scott 1.12 There Is a Savior, By Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell, and Sandi Patti 1.13 It Is Well with My Soul, By Horatio G. Spafford and Phillip Blis 1.14 I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked, By Daniel Twohig and Geoffrey 1.15 Were You There, Spiritual Arranged By H. T. Burleigh 1.16 We Have Seen the Risen Lord, By Stan Pethel 1.17 Beneath the Cross of Jesus, By Elizabeth Clephane and Frederick 1.18 Feel the Nails, By Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan 1.19 De Blin’ Man Stood on de Road An’ Cried 1.20 Amazing Grace, By John Newton, Arranged By Craig Courtney 1.21 How Great Thou Art, By Stuart K. Hine, Arranged By Craig Courtne 1.22 I Want to Be Like Jesus, Spiritual Arranged By John Payne 1.23 Just As I Am, By Charlotte Elliott and William Bradbury, Arrange 1.24 Ev’ry Time I Feel de Spirit, Spiritual Arranged By H. T. Burleig 1.25 The Lord’s Prayer, By Albert Hay Malotte 1.26 Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, Spiritual Arranged By Jay Al 1.27 The Penitent, By Beardsley Van de Water 1.28 Here I Am, Lord’, By Daniel Schutte, Arranged By Craig Courtney 1.29 Finally Home, By Don Wyrtzen and L. E. Singer
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