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Sunshine for the Cloudy Days (DVD Set) Neal Jackson

SKU: X1478

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Dr. Neal Jackson teaches from the Book of Psalms.

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Sunshine for the Cloudy Days (DVD Set) SERMON SERIES by Neal Jackson

  • The Path to Blessing
  • Help, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up,/li>
  • When Your World is Caving In
  • The Three R’s about God
  • Stop Your Whining
Dr. Neal Jackson has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ since he was sixteen years old. He is the third generation of Jackson’s to answer the call to proclaim the good news of Christ to the world.
Pastor Jackson’s passion has always been that of encouraging people to love God’s Word and exhibit it in their daily lives. God has given him the ability to answer the modern day problems people face with the truths of scripture. His preaching is characterized as verse-by-verse exposition, and can be seen across the country through the Truth for Today television and radio broadcast. He has also pastored churches in Pensacola, FL and Atlanta GA.
Dr. Jackson is a man who practices and promotes the belief that prayer releases the super natural and miraculous power of God in the life of the humble believer. His other passion in life is missions, for which he has traveled extensively teaching and preaching around the globe. The highlight of most years in his schedule is the time he is allowed to escape the comfortable life of America for the inconvenienced life of a third world country so he can fulfill the role of ambassador for the King of Kings.