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That glorious prize

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain” (1 Corinthians 9:24).

A few days ago, I watched in amazement as Rich Strike, at eighty-to-one odds, won the Kentucky Derby. Thanks to modern technology, I have repeatedly watched this spectacular victory unfold over and over again.

The thing that is so inspiring is he was not supposed to be in the race, but due to a late scratch he and his rider received their opportunity to load the shoot stand behind the gate, wait on the bell to ring, and hear the announcer say, “AND THEY’RE OFF!”

Earlier that morning, the trainer, owner, and team had a decision to make, and that was to simply get up, get ready, and be there just in case the opportunity arose. Much to their delight, it not only arose, but their dreams came true as the long shot crossed the finish line in victory in fine fashion.

It mattered not how Rich Strike got in the race. The fact is, he was there, and he showed up to obtain the prize. Since that day, I have contemplated this journey we are on and the race we are running. How we got in the race matters not. It is the fact we have the opportunity to run. How you got your job, spouse, or salvation at this point really doesn’t matter. It is that you have received the chance to change your life, your family’s life, your church, company, or even your soul for the better.

When you got up this morning, did you greet the day looking like a prospect or a suspect? Did you rise with winning on your mind, or did you spend the day talking about all the reasons you can’t or won’t get the opportunity to run? Paul told the church at Corinth the most important thing about the race. Don’t just run, run to obtain.

Our prayer for you this week: May you run this race like the champion God created you to be, striving to obtain that glorious prize.

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Josh Shields

Josh Shields and his wife, Janice, founded New Life Church in Berryville, Arkansas in 2011, where he continues to be the residing pastor. He formerly served in different pastoral positions throughout the state of Arkansas and has ministered at various churches, conferences, conventions, and venues throughout the nation. He began his ministry in 1983 at the age of 16, feeling the call at a young age to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He enjoys every opportunity to share Jesus with others through his ministry by speaking, preaching, singing, and writing weekly articles/posts.

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