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The Amazing Power of Music – Jack Wheaton

SKU: H015


Dr. Jack Wheaton discusses the power of music to heal or hurt and to bless or curse.

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The Amazing Power of Music – Jack Wheaton

Music is the universal language. Music can be understood and felt by all of humanity. You don’t have to be Russian to enjoy Tchaikovsky, or Italian to enjoy Puccini, or American to enjoy the music of Gershwin. Although there are some musical styles that are more difficult to relate to, we can still sense the emotional content in most instances and react pleasurably to it. Music is part of all of life’s celebrations—births, marriages, graduations, military service, college, national anthems, holidays, and even death. Music is always there to comfort, console, inspire, lift up, entertain, and bring joy and reflection. Music can bring a tear to the eye, or a smile. Music can trigger long-buried memories. All of life’s major events are made more meaningful by music. The practitioners of music are more than artists; they are also alchemists. They help to make life bearable; they aid in advancing the causes of freedom; and they can actually minimize emotional and physical pain. And that is only the beginning of the amazing power of music.

Dr. Jack Wheaton spent his lifetime playing, writing, conducting, and teaching music. He brings all of his experiences into this wonderful book.