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The Cross – Bundle

SKU: G1063


Thankful for the Cross!

Golgotha’s Three Crosses

Three crosses stood prominently on Golgotha’s hill on that historic day. In this first SWRC “Legacy” devotional booklet, Charles Webber, the son of E.F. Webber, explores the significance of the trio crucified on those crosses and their contrasting responses — defiance, remorse, and sinless submission.

The Power of the Cross

I wonder, TODAY, do you know the Person that gave His life on the cross? Have you put your faith in Him? If so, this book will help you know Him more intimately. If NOT, how sad to go through this life and never realize the power of that Man! Some may say, “Show me proof and I’ll believe,” and I’ve done so in this book. But Jesus would say, “Believe, and then I will show you proof!

Sun Catcher

The stunning design of this colorful sun-catcher cross. This mosaic-style suncatcher is beautiful in a sunny window.