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The Earth as it Was

SKU: H041


Join Micah as he takes a look at the antediluvian world and the overwhelming proof that the flood of Noah happened and changed the Earth forever.

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The Earth as it Was – Micah Van Huss

What did the Watchers do to Elohim’s creation? Did humans and dinosaurs coexist? How did men live into their 900’s? What happened to the Garden of Eden? Could Nibiru (Planet X) exist? Who were the Nephilim? Is the book of Enoch a reliable source?

Did a layer of water encompass the Earth? We study the firmament talked about throughout scripture and the effects that it had on human lifespans, the size of lizards, and everything else on our planet.

In The Earth as it Was, we use writings, legends, and the archaeological record to attempt to answer some of the most mysterious questions in God’s word about the antediluvian world.

Secular scientists, geologists, professors, and the like are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deny God’s existence. Most are threatened with excommunication from the religion of evolution thus ending their respective careers. We’ll take a look at the overwhelming proof that the flood of Noah happened – as if the words of Jesus aren’t enough. We’ll study polystrate fossils as damning evidence against evolution’s billions of years theory.

The Earth as it Was boldly examines stories that your Sunday school teacher wouldn’t talk about.