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The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands

SKU: S1962


Uncovering Biblical Sites of the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean World

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Insightful Archaeological Context. Illuminated Historicity.

While the historical accuracy of the Bible has long been a topic of debate and has fallen under increased scrutiny in recent decades, new archaeological discoveries from an expanding host of ancient sites found in Bible lands continue to provide evidence pertinent to questions of reliability.

The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands offers the most geographically extensive overview of archaeological sites from all of the regions relevant to the biblical narratives. With information from excavations and research both old and new, this thorough guide from archaeologist and professor Dr. Titus Kennedy features

  • more than 200 full-color photos that show  ancient ruins and bring the Bible to life
  • extensive exploration of archaeological discoveries from more than 70 key locations and historical sites stretching across Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anatolia, Greece, the Holy Land, and beyond
  • expert research and analysis of archaeological evidence that illuminates and corroborates historical narratives of the Bible

The Essential Archaeological Guide to Bible Lands will aid in your search for answers, serving as a travel guide and a resource for investigating the context and historicity of the Bible while vicariously visiting many ancient biblical locations.

Hardcover ‏ ‎ 480 pages