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The Kenneth Hill Collection (3 Book Set) Kenneth Hill

SKU: G796

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Three outstanding books by Dr. Kenneth Hill!

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The Kenneth Hill Collection (3 Book Set) Kenneth Hill

This outstanding collection features:

What’s Next: Major Views of Bible Prophecy – Kenneth Hill with Keith Walsworth – A Non-Biased Study of Eschatology. In What’s Next, Dr. Kenneth Hill compares different views on Bible Prophecy:

  • Premillennial: Christ will come again before this kingdom is established.
  • Postmillennial: our present age represents that kingdom and that the church is and must move toward the fulfillment of this kingdom.
  • Amillennial: a future Millennium is not a literal kingdom, and when Christ returns, he will usher in an immediate new heaven and new earth.

“This book by Kenneth Hill is an objective presentation of the variations of Millennial eschatology. If you are confused about pre-Millennialism, post-Millennialism, A-Millennialism, pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation, and post-Tribulation, then you need to read this excellent treatise. The author simply sets forth the different positions and let the reader determine which best coincides with the biblical evidence.” – Noah Hutchings Southwest Radio Ministries

“The thrill of living in the end time has been robbed from some who are confused about post-Mil, A-Mil, and pre-Mil arguments. This book discusses each of these beliefs in a fair presentation… allowing the reader to make an honest decision from Scripture. This book can turn confusion to hope for the reader. I can highly recommend this book for people who really wish to study the Second Coming of Christ.” – Dr. Robert Lindsted Bible Truth in Prophecy

Prayers of the Ancients – The Greatest Prayers in the Bible! What is it about prayer that moves the hand of God? And if prayer is so powerful, why don’t Christians pray more and take full advantage of this awesome tool God has given to bless the world? How did people like Daniel, David, and Moses talk to God? What can we learn from their example? What can we know about God himself from the prayers of Isaiah, Job, Paul, and the Lord Jesus Christ? These studies will help you discover new insights about prayer. God’s character, and the lives of his praying people. Dr. Kenneth Hill shares examples from Scripture to show what it means to walk with God – on our knees. Your own prayer life will be enriched as you study the great Prayers of the Ancients.

Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation Revised 2021 – In this book several authors have considered separate but relative sections of both the Old and New Testaments, to see if the church will be in this coming time of famine, death, and sorrow. The coming Tribulation will witness the rise of a world dictator who will have the authority and power to demand that everyone in the world take his mark and worship him as God. Those who do not will be executed. Those who hold to a pre-tribulational view understand the Scrip­tures to mean all Christians will be taken up out of the world at the Rapture just before the Tribulation begins. Those who hold to a post-tribulational view believe the Scriptures teach that Christians will go through the Tribulation and will be persecuted and killed like everyone else. It is obvious that both views cannot be right. In this book, the authors consider different sections of the Bible to see, practically, if Christians will be subject to this most terrible time in world history.

  • The Church and the Tribulation in Genesis – Noah Hutchings
  • The Pre-Tribulational Rapture in the Book of Daniel – Steve Butler
  • The Tribulation Prophesied in the Four Gospels – Larry Spargimino
  • The Tribulation Prophesied in Acts – Noah Hutchings
  • The Tribulation Prophesied in the Pauline Epistles – Douglas Stauffer
  • The Pre-Tribulational Rapture Prophesied in the General Epistles – James Collins
  • The Tribulation Prophesied in the Book of Revelation – Noah Hutchings
  • The Church After the Rapture – Kenneth Hill
  • The Post-Tribulational World – Larry Spargimino