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The Rehearsal

We are in the age of scamming and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. In fact, it is increasing. Several times a day we get scam calls posing as agencies such as the IRS and Social Security, which never call—they just show up on our doorsteps. We get calls from thieves that threaten our continued use of the Internet. They want names, Social Security numbers, bank numbers, and then give us a deadline that if we don’t pay up we are in deep trouble. Some even tell us that if they don’t get money in the next ten minutes our world will expire. We get them from those who pose to inform us that call is an answer to the unsolicited request to buy a repair warranty for a 30-year-old Ford pickup. We get calls telling us that we need a warrantee that covers the water pipes between the house and street or those calls which promise to pay for our appliances in case of failure.

These calls come from all over the world, even from the same city we live in. Nothing is sacred to these imposters. They ask for your personal information such as bank numbers and enough cash to get the ole’ ball rolling. The most obnoxious is the call that asks for “Raymond,” knowing full well that I am not Raymond. But since I am already on the phone I could be Raymond and the caller will try to sell me something. If I had collected all of the promised money from some foreigner in Africa, I would be richer that Bezos. The problem is that there are millions that believe the lie of those who would deceive us. 

Today we are being confronted and threatened by an unseen “bug” that some believe could kill everyone on Earth. We’ve had many bugs in the past. Millions died but humanity continued to thrive and overcome the pests. However, is there something more sinister this time than just a challenge to survive? Soon, we as believers will be removed from this Earth at the Rapture of the saints. The majority will be left behind because of their unbelief. We are being directed by civil, state, and federal agencies not to attend church, eat at a restaurant, travel, or even go to school. So the world as we know it is coming to a screeching halt. This begs the question, Is this controlled chaos?

Rahm Emanuel said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

This is the thinking of a communist because it is all about control. The present crisis is the effect of the coronavirus which has the world on almost total lockdown. President Trump announced that the U.S. is closing its border with Canada by mutual consent. President Trump stopped most European countries from entry into the United States. In all, 27 countries on all continents except for Antarctica have closed their borders to foreign travelers and are considering even domestic travel. Even Mexico is considering closing its borders to U.S. citizens because of the possibility of coronavirus influx by Americans. 

The food supply chain is also being interrupted, both from farm to store and store to table. Many foreign farm workers live in close proximity to each other and could infect everyone in their group, so that harvest could cease and food would be lost. No doubt many who read this article visited their local Walmart or Sam’s Club recently, only to find that many of the items were already sold out, especially paper products. This is a shocking discovery and puts customers in a mode of panic. Walmart Stores employ a buffer inventory which serves customers while carrying some extra for unforeseen crisis. Sam’s Club uses the “On-Time In-Full Program” (OTIF). These systems work well for both stores until a crisis hits and paranoia sets in with frightened customers. Then the shelves become empty very quickly because these stores cannot see into the future and run out of stock. Then restocking takes time but they will eventually recover.

The stock market has had its worst week since Obama took over in 2008. Both Obama and coronavirus had the same effect. Both caused a panic when the headlines read, “stock market crash.” The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost a whopping 1,191 points in one day. February recorded the worst percentage drop in oil demand since the Great Depression of 1929. Between 1929 and 1933, almost half of the banks had failed and 30 percent of the workforce was unemployed. Overnight many people lost everything they had including their businesses. The panic from the losses in the market followed an asset bubble caused by low interest rates. Recent interest rates in the U.S. are the lowest in many years. 

Although governments around the world contribute heavily to misinformation concerning any crisis, the news media around the world has their fingerprint on this crisis by using words like “pandemic.” Whatever happened to good, unbiased, and accurate journalism? Every event—large or small—becomes a major life-threatening saga for major news medias. Even Harvard Business Review hypocritically admits that the media and government contribute to the culture of lying with the following statement, even though it educated many of those it condemns: “The U.S. press, like the U.S. government, is a corrupt and troubled institution. Corrupt not so much in the sense that it accepts bribes but in a systemic sense. It fails to do what it claims to do, what it should do, and what society expects it to do” (

Therefore, just how much of the media’s coverage of the ongoing crisis covering COVID-19 is truth and how much is fake news. COVID-19 has become a political football made to bounce in the direction of the global leaders. These major news outlets are owned by a handful of people, including Rupert Murdoch, the co-chairmen of Fox News. If Murdoch, who claims to be a Republican, changes his tone from praise for President Trump to disapproval, could that force the president to change his position on COVID-19. The Washington Post writes this on the Fox-Trump relationship, “When Trump says ‘jump,’ the network leaps into action. And what the president hears on Fox News often dictates his own pronouncements and policies—which, in turn, are glowingly represented in Fox News’s coverage and commentary” ( The Post states that the president plays down the potentially lethal disease, but we must remember, the Washington Post is also a major outlet for news. 

We certainly acknowledge that COVID-19 is potentially lethal, because the media tells us it is and its short history proves it. But we have also learned that hot weather will stop its spread, while no other of the main killer diseases die out with the onset of summer. We acknowledge that COVID-19 has travelled over the globe and many have been reported to have died as a result. However, there are other diseases that take more lives, but are no longer mentioned because they have become non-expedient for political purposes. Heart disease is the number one killer across the globe, followed by strokes, and neither receive even mentioning on the news because they have become stale in their importance of news. Therefore, should we look elsewhere to find the real purpose of COVID-19 exposure?

This scenario has the smell of a practice run or “rehearsal” of something of much greater significance. The past few weeks have proved that what works on a small scale will work on a much larger scale. The globalist knows now how the public will react to shortages and how to take advantages of these fears. They have learned how to shut down large cities with the threat of death for disobedience. They know that people will obey government authorities when directed because of prior information fed through news organizations, real or imagined. 

They have learned that people become panicked when the shelves in the supermarkets become empty and could become violent if shortages become the norm. They have learned that most people will begin to hoard in advance if certain announcements become public, with no thought of the person in line behind them. The globalists have learned how a lie will move people and nations into a frenzy to the point that they don’t trust themselves or even God. They will look to their governments to save them. They have learned that scared people will abandon their churches in fear of a non-proven scenario. So, what is the purpose of all this attained knowledge? 

Perhaps the globalists really believe they are in charge. However, they may be doing the legwork for the Antichrist himself. Very soon Jesus will return for the saints at the Rapture. Immediately after this event, the seven-year period known as the Tribulation will begin. This could well be the rehearsal for the forthcoming Tribulation period. We read in Revelation 6:1–8 in the seal judgments how the Antichrist will gain control by a cold war, war, famine, and finally death. We must remember that God—not Satan—is in control and the end result will be determined by Him as written in Scripture:

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world” (Rev. 12:9).

“Let no man deceive you by any mean; for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin, the son of perdition” (2 Thess. 2:3).

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Bob Glaze

Dr. Bob Glaze is president of Southwest Radio Ministries. He joined the ministry in 1996 as general manager. Upon the death of Noah Hutchings, Bob assumed leadership. He co-hosts the radio broadcast with Larry Spargimino. Bob also sets up the tours and prophecy conferences, has led tours around the world, and writes books and articles for the ministry. Bob has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baptist Bible College at Springfield, Missouri, and an MA and PhD from Louisiana Baptist University.

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