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The Song of Solomon – David Webber & Charles Webber

SKU: B091


David Webber and David Webber look at the relationship between Solomon and his Shulamite wife as a type that illustrates the relationship between Christ and His Church.

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The Song of Solomon

In a world awash with the debris of broken homes, crushed spirits, and fractured dreams, God s people need the message of the Song of Solomon as never before. David and Charles Webber examine this eight-chapter book, attempting to pierce through the veil of misinterpretations in order to expose the truths that God has in store for readers of this text, characterized by one commentator as the most obscure book in the Old Testament. In so doing, the Webber brothers reveal the surprising clarity and relevance of this centuries-old text to modern-day Christians, making this a valuable resource for pastors and laypersons alike.

Introduction by W.A. Criswell