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Unveiling Hope for Muslims Redemption (DVD) Kamal Saleem

SKU: X1480

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Miraculous ways that Muslims are coming to Christ.

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Unveiling Hope for Muslims Redemption (DVD) Kamal Saleem

This DVD offers solutions with the Do’s, the Don’t, the How to’s …to reach out, influence and evangelize the Muslim people with the love and redemptive message of Christ.  There is no other product available today as comprehensive, with the expertise of Kamal Saleem, Gen Jerry Boykin and Tom Doyle these men are devoted to Christ, the last day’s move of the Holy Spirit and America.

Something powerful is transforming the Islamic world. In ten years, more Muslims have become followers of Christ than in the rest of history. What is God doing in the Muslim world?

In this six-session DVD series, Kamal Saleem explores this phenomenon with a comprehensive group of experts.

  • Hear the miraculous ways that Muslims are coming to Christ.
  • Understand effective strategies for reaching out to Muslims at home and abroad.
  • Explore how Muslims view the Western world and how to overcome cultural barriers.
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of sharing Christ with Muslims.
  • Discover how God is calling you to rise up and join in with the work He is doing among the Muslims of the world.