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2013 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set



This collection includes all 12 issues of Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2013.

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2013 Prophecy in the News Magazine 12 Issue Set

This set includes 12 issues of the classic Prophecy in the News Magazine from 2013.

January – Paul Predicted It: A Rampant and Growing Madness
February – Could We Really Be Living In The LAST GENERATION?
March – The Mind of Christ – Will Our Gracious God Provide Another Worldwide Revival Before Jesus Returns?
April – The DARK SIDE of Bible Prophecy – Why We Must Discuss the Strange and the Supernatural
May – The PENTECOST Prophecy
June – The PROMISE of Resurrection
July – The Age of APOSTASY
August – MONUMENTAL FOOLISHNESS – In A Foolish Monument (American Atheists)
September – Social Justice, Fairness & Bible Prophecy – Looking for Security in an Insecure World
October – The ARROW That Flieth By Day – What Does The Bible Say About Rockets?
November – The “FALLING AWAY” Has It Happened?
December – A Christmas Prophecy – The Tower of the Flock beginning in January and ending in December.