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Do I Have to Get Married?

There are many teens and  young adults who think that marriage is a cure-all for what ails them. They believe that they have to get married in order to really […]

And Then What?

Not too long ago I was talking to a young man who had been through college and he was just about finished with law school. He had life pretty well […]

Toxic Faith

Is Toxic Faith Ruining Your Prophetic Witness and Destroying Your Marriage? When toxic waste is allowed to seep into a river, that river is poisoned. Fish die, the water smells […]

Popular Myths About Marriage

Those Left Behind: Did They Believe These Popular Myths About Marriage? First Thessalonians 4–5 speak about future realities. Chapter 5:2 states: For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the […]

Cherish Your Spouse

Jesus Is Coming: Love and Cherish Your Spouse! Marital splits and squabbles could very well be one of the main reasons many Christians are not ready for the Rapture. If […]