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Best Wishes for the New Year

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Dear Friend in Christ:
The approaching New Year should bring joy and excitement to every Christian’s heart. We are one year closer to the Lord’s return for us. Romans 13:11 says, “For now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”
2021 has been a great year. And I am not kidding. Sure, there have been issues, things that we could shake our heads at with disgust. However, there have been good days, accomplishments and, most of all, opportunities for witness and ministry.
We here at Southwest Radio Church have seen God lead us into some new areas of ministry and new outreaches. We are thankful for that and for a growing number of supporters who evidently love our ministry,
There is one thing, however, that bothers many people, and that is the uncertainty that looms in front of us.
What will tomorrow be like? When will life return to normalcy, or will we have to face an unending number of COVID-19 variants, leading to more lockdowns and restrictions?
Corrie Ten Boom was a courageous Christian woman who stood for righteousness in a world that had gone mad. Corrie, her father Casper, and her sister Betsie were put in a Nazi concentration camp because they sheltered Jews in their home. Both Casper and Betsie died in prison from malnutrition and disease. Corrie went on to travel the world giving testimony to God and His great mercy. One of the things she wrote still sticks in my mind: “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
What do we know about God? We know much through His Son. Jesus Christ came to this sin-cursed world. He spoke words of truth and grace. He is not only a messenger from God. He is the Message of God.
Happy New Year from the Southwest Radio Church family. Keep listening.

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