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What Should Christians Do in an Election Year?

In America, you have met the king–every morning when you look in the mirror. That is the way the Founding Fathers designed the constitutional republic in which we live. Renowned […]

Good News!

Christian Clubs Provide Balance in After-School Options “Hear ye, hear ye!” came the long-ago call of the town crier who had news to impart. Today, routine news trumpets banal clichés, […]

Against All Odds

The modern era has been filled with notions and theories routinely conflicting with the Bible, often in the attempt to confound believers, and diminish or even belittle their faith. Perhaps […]

Is the Antichrist Alive Today?

The question has lingered since the days of the Old Testament prophets: When will the Antichrist make himself known in the world? Tens of thousands of words have been written […]

Schwab and the Global Elite

The controversies of modern life continue to swirl with ever-growing consequences. Disagreements and differences of opinion – even about truth itself – are as old as mankind. So, too, are […]

Ready to Return?

It has become obvious to the faithful from all walks of life that the Lord’s church has endured growing difficulty in recent years. Current dangers may not yet be as […]

One World Religion

One World Religion  Prophecy coming true as leaders forge fraternity The imminent completion of the long-planned “Abrahamic Family House,” an “interfaith” religious hub under construction in the United Arab Emirates, […]