“Death with Dignity” and “Quality of Life”—Buzzwords for Assisted Suicide

We live in a culture of death. Some have said that America is the suicide nation. There are two phrases that have become popular jargon in this suicide nation—“death with dignity,” and “quality of life.” Let’s talk about those two phrases. They sound so good, but they are really ominous. We’ve been following through on […]

Socialism: The Gateway to Communism and the Atheist Utopia That Is a Godless Hell

Cleon Skousen, author of The Naked Communist, the book that exposes communism and seeks to restore freedom, says that socialism is the gateway to communism and the atheist Utopia that is a godless hell. Communist leaders believe that every student should pursue his studies of Marxism until he has discovered the answers to such questions […]

Moscow Targets Chinese-Looking People with Raids As Virus Fears Grow

Bus drivers in Moscow kept their WhatsApp group chat buzzing with questions this week about what to do if they spotted passengers who might be from China riding with them in the Russian capital. “Some Asian-looking people have just got on. Probably Chinese. Should I call the police” another driver messaged his peers. Reports are […]

LifeWay Research: Pentecostal Pastors Least Likely To Support Same-Sex Marriage

According to a LifeWay Research survey of mainline, evangelical and Pentecostal pastors, 47 percent of mainline pastors support same-sex “marriage, only 8 percent of evangelical pastors do, and only 1 percent of Pentecostal pastors do.” Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research stated, “The movement we see among pastors’ views of same-sex marriage has less […]

Coronavirus Less Deadly Than Flu, But Weaponized To Bring Down the President

There were reports that the coronavirus outbreak could cause the Tokyo Olympics to be moved, thousands are lining up to buy face masks as cases of the virus in Italy have skyrocketed. And the concerns were so great that the stock market was down by roughly three percent for a time. Is the coronavirus really […]

Should We Agree with Bernie Sanders That Criticism of Castro’s Cuba Is Unfair?

Some people like large Mediterranean snails boiled in olive oil, flavored with garlic and red pepper. Others would rather eat more standard table fare. But how about those who think that Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba really wasn’t all that bad and shouldn’t be criticized? Do you think Bernie Sanders’ comments about Castro are a little […]

The Day of Plagues and Disasters—What Does It Mean?

It seems like we are having a lot of plagues and disasters in the last few weeks. Devastating swarms of locusts are absolutely stripping entire regions of Africa of leaves, plants, and crops. I was reading that swarms of locusts have been devouring entire farms in Africa in as little as thirty seconds! Millions of […]

Former Gay Drug Dealer Speaks Out About Transgenderism in America

God is alive and well on planet earth. He is alive and well in North Korea, and also in Communist China. Despite brutal totalitarian governments, the gospel is going out to millions. But is God alive and well in America? He certainly is. Dr. Christopher Yuan, a former drug addict who lived a promiscuous homosexual […]

Welcome to the Suicide Nation

There is a natural, inborn, God-given drive to self-preservation. It’s natural to blink when someone claps their hands in front of your face. It’s natural to try to shield yourself from danger. At times, of course, men and women have exposed themselves TO danger for a higher purpose. A mother shields her baby. A soldier […]

Should Attorney Donna Rotunno Be Accused of “Victim Blaming”?

Rape, sexual harassment, various forms of sexism are all wrong and have rightly been condemned. But are any of the women ever guilty? Do women ever lie? Do women make things up that aren’t true? Have the effects of the fall missed all females? Donna Rotunno, Harvey Weinstein’s lead defense attorney, has built her career […]

Wuhan’s Christians Risk Their Lives to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

For sure, there is a massive crisis in China with the coronavirus. The Chinese authorities there have never had a problem of this magnitude. Asia Harvest has a video of Wuhan’s Christians risking their lives to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christians are distributing face masks, but they are also handing out Gospel […]

Culture of Death—Part I

Death is an enemy, the kind of enemy that only the Lord Jesus Christ can, and will, destroy (1 Cor. 15:26). Yet sadly, our world seems to be viewing this enemy as a “savior,” “a deliverer” who is to be invited into our lives in a variety of ways for our comfort and our deliverance. […]

Where Are They Now? Millions Left Wuhan Before the Quarantine

For a couple of weeks after the first reports of a new and deadly virus had been reported, millions of people poured out of the central Chinese city, Wuhan, cramming  onto buses, trains and planes as the first wave of China’s great Lunar New Year migration  broke across the nation. Dr. Li Wenliang had reported […]

Arab Media Accuse U.S. and Israel of Coronavirus Conspiracy Against China

Numerous reports in the Arab press have accused the U.S. and Israel of being  behind the creation and spread of the deadly coronavirus as part of an economic and psychological war against China. According to MEMRI—the Middle East Media Research Institute—a report in the Saudi daily newspaper Al-Watan claimed that it was no coincidence that […]

Anger Grows In China As Death Toll From Coronavirus Soars

While President Xi Jinping had been dreaming of the coming “Chinese Century,” it looks like his dream is crumbling because of the deadly coronavirus. More intent on preserving secrecy than in ridding the country of the deadly virus, Beijing is fast losing the confidence of the people. The problem in China is not limited to […]

Invincible Fungi Eats Radiation Found Inside Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor

In the 1960s, the world came to realize the serious effects of radiation poisoning. A number of nuclear devices had been detonated above ground. Unsuspecting subjects were subjected to radiation exposure in an attempt to learn what a nuclear bomb blast would do to humans, animals, and plants. In short, the answer: “Nuclear radiation is […]

Life-Like Robot Becomes Saudi Citizen

Life-like robot Sophia, the brainchild of Dr. David Hanson of Hanson Robotics, has graced the cover of a fashion magazine, taken a spin in one of Audi’s autonomous cars, and actually starred in a concert. Sophia is now a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Until recently, the most famous thing that Sophia the robot had ever […]