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Avi Lipkin’s Lifeworks Library (7-Book Set) AUTOGRAPHED!!!

SKU: G279

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  1. Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?
  2. Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival
  3. Islamic Threat Updates—Almanac 1
  4. Israel’s Bible Bloc
  5. Islam Prophesied in Genesis
  6. Return to Mecca
  7. Islamic Rivalry


In stock

Avi Lipkin’s Lifeworks Library (7-Book Set) AUTOGRAPHED!!!

Now you can have all seven of Avi Lipkin’s book’s autographed. Avi was gracious enough to sign several sets of his books at a recent visit to our studios, and we have made them available to you. But hurry, there is a limited supply.

Is Fanatic Islam A Global Threat?

This book offers compelling proof that fanatic Islam is a threat to your world today! It is the major force of destabilization and threat to world peace.

Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival

In this second volume addressing the threat of Islam, Lipkin makes it clear that Christians worldwide will also be sacrificed if necessary for a barrel of oil. The only answer therefore for Israel, America, and the world, is a Christian Revival for Israel’s Survival.

Islamic Threat Updates—Almanac No. 1

The third book regarding the threat of Islam to the world today will bring you critical updates spanning the time span from October 2001 to September 2002. This is an enlightening sequel to Lipkin’s first two books on this subject.

Israel’s Bible Bloc

A Judeo-Christian political party called “The Bible Bloc” is being formed to represent both Jews and Christians for whom the two most important commandments are “Love the Lord thy God” and “Love thy fellow as thyself,” two commandments on which all human civilization is based, and which are non-existent in Islam.

Islam Prophesied in Genesis

Avi Lipkin, in his fifth book, reviews eschatological aspects in the book of Genesis and finds striking suggestions that Islam’s threat to the world is prophesied. God’s teaching in the Book of Genesis provides the human race with two clear choices: creation vs. destruction, life vs. death, love vs. hate, peace vs. war, civilization vs. barbarity, God vs. Allah.

Return to Mecca

In Return to Mecca, Avi Lipkin reviews the biblical history of Mecca and Medina and the Israelites’ sojourn in the Arabian desert for 38 years followed by two years in the deserts just to the east of the Jordan River. He uses historical texts from Josephus as well from Greek and Roman authors from 2,000–2,300 years ago about the Israelite exodus from Egypt and analyzes the Bible to show how the Israelites wandered in the Arabian peninsula for these years.t

Islamic Rivalry

The Middle East is going through major changes caused by the Islamic rivalry between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Avi Lipkin’s brilliant analysis brings order to what seems to be total chaos. This is a must-read for people who want to understand the news and the untold news.