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Awakening in Brazil—The “Trump of The Tropics” Says Brazil Belongs To God

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There is little doubt that we are living in the last days. Israel is back in the land, technology is being developed that more and more lines up with Bible prophecy, the alignment of nations, and the tension between nations, just seems to be like a scene from the Book of Revelation. But we are also seeing signs that God is at work bringing many to the Savior. The Kingdom is growing and expanding. Even in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, there are Christians in hazmat suits handing out facemasks, and passing out Gospel tracts, and telling people that they need to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts. But let’s talk about some of the amazing things that are happening in Brazil.

Thousands of Christians, including Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro gathered in three stadiums on Saturday, February 15, to turn to Jesus and to send out missionaries to the world. President Bolsonaro was not invited by the event organizer, The Send Brazil, but he showed up at the stadium in Brasilia, the nation’s capital, because he wanted to be there for the historic event, which local news outlets have called the “largest Christian simultaneous event in Brazil’s history.” President Bolsonaro, who has been named the “Trump of the Tropics,” was met with thunderous applause when he declared that he is a believer in Jesus, and that Brazil belongs to God.

Andy Byrd and Teo Hayashi, co-organizers of The Send Brazil, told Fox News it took “unparalleled unity” to put together the massive three- stadium event, in which thousands made decisions for Jesus, committed to fasting, Bible reading plans, and missions to the nations, colleges and high schools. The Send Brazil was brought together by seven ministries collectively called “The Send” which first launched last year in Orlando, Florida.

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