Is American in Bible Prophecy?

Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy? I am often asked this question. If you are a patriotic American like me, then it is only natural to speculate about […]

Where in the World is Atlantis?

In 590 BC, Sonchis of Sais Egyptian priest showed Solon inscriptions, dating to 1450 BC, which tell of a great civilization to the west of Egypt. Solon took the story […]


THE RETURN OF THE GODS     What I am about to release will be the most explosive book I have ever written – It is called The Return of the Gods.  […]

A Christian’s Guide to Aliens & UFOs

A Christian’s Guide to Aliens & UFOs Michael Hoggard, pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Mo., “always had a fascination with things mysterious,” he says. As a boy, he loved […]

Hope For The Rapture

Hope is a fundamental need for most humans – it is a basic necessity! Every person needs some kind of “hope” to daily survive. Because I am the superintendent of […]

Eschatology 101 excerpt from J.R. Church

Eschatology can be one of the most rewarding and worthwhile adventures in Christian life. It seems that every chapter in the Old and New Testaments holds prophetic implications. Repeatedly, the […]