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Cracking The Code: The Beast of the Earth Rises (DVD) Ken Klein

SKU: X979

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Cracking the Code extracts the true meaning behind the symbolic and mysterious Beast of the Earth, and finally explains who he is, and what he is doing before our very eyes, and yet remains unseen.

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Cracking The Code: The Beast of the Earth Rises (DVD) Ken Klein

Someone called the presentation, “The most remarkable breakthrough in biblical eschatology since Hal Lindsey’s monumental “Late Great Planet Earth.”” The prophetic scriptures come alive as never before evidence emerges in the clear identification of the infamous Beast and the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation. It’s here and it’s now!

For centuries, students of the Bible, scholars, and theologians have studied and speculated over the exact meaning of the book of Revelation. You will be shocked and spellbound by this video, which will take you through the panorama of human history, explaining historic events in their prophetic context, and bringing you to the doorstep of today.

  • Director: Ken Klein
  • Starring: Ken Klein