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Dark Covenant – Donna Howell & Allie Henson

SKU: S1795

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An expose of what the world is now experiencing and will happen in the not-to-distant future.

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Dark Covenant

How the Masses are Being Groomed to Embrace the Unthinkable While the Leaders of Organized Religion Make A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL

  • Pandemic
  • Shutdowns
  • Riots
  • Political unrest
  • Vaccinations
  • The Mark of the Beast
  • The sleeping Church.

How are all these things connected?

The modern world has seen unparalleled challenges, circumstances, and travesties. Between the global pandemic of COVID-19, ensuing shutdowns, riots, economic strains, unprecedented political upset, and even cosmic disturbances and natural disasters, some with a biblical worldview cite prophetic implications as the source of current difficulties, while others stated that 2020 was a uniquely difficult year.

However, are greater strands at work beneath the surface of the population s difficulty? Are these hardships all components within a larger, satanic plot? If so, surely the Church will identify this malevolence and intervene on behalf of humanity, right?
Won t they?
In Dark Covenant, you will learn:
*How the progression of media entertainment proves that mankind is headed for unspeakable travesty
*The methods by which the puppet-masters controlling the public narrative manipulate and shape the masses worldview
*How society is being gradually groomed to embrace the unthinkable in preparation for the enforcement of the Mark of the Beast
*The means by which society conditions our children s thinking and behavioral patterns from the earliest ages
*Why the COVID-19 shutdowns and stay-at-home orders served as a catalyst to polarize and divide the population, and what the riots of 2020 were really about
*How the Body of Christ is being slowly positioned to be considered a public enemy, with the Bible labeled as hate speech and possibly soon prohibited
*That much of the Church has been lulled into impotence over the preceding decades and is now largely unable to be a force for good in our troubled world
*How Western Christianity has become a cult (shocking, yes )
*The methods by which the organized populace (both secular and religious) is being conditioned to drive the real Church underground
*How the Body of Christ can (and will!) survive the modern assault on Christianity and what true believers can do about it!