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Fake Jesus

SKU: H043


Is Jesus God? If He is God, what kind of God is He? There are some common misconceptions of Jesus that destroy our faith and cost us a vibrant relationship with the genuine Jesus.

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Part One examines questions like, “Is Jesus merely a myth? Who did He claim to be? How did He verify His claims? Is He truly God?”

Part Two exposes fake Jesuses such as the “Santa Claus” fake Jesus, the “Business Partner” fake Jesus, the “Guilt Trip” fake Jesus, the “Cool Parent” fake Jesus, the “Political Hero” fake Jesus, and the “Storm god” fake Jesus. Why are these fakes? How can we find the authentic?

Author Joshua R. Davis answers these questions with a blend of personal stories, biblical truth, and apologetic evidence. Josh serves the genuine Jesus as Staff Evangelist with Southwest Radio Ministries.