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Get Global or Get Left Behind, WEF says

You do not know what is best for you and your future. Your house and the stuff you own are selfishly draining the planet of precious resources. That gasoline or diesel vehicle you drive, and your unwillingness to switch to an electric vehicle, proves you are both ignorant and selfish. 

The company you own or work for is selfish if it does not become part of a global solution to stop climate change and end poverty once and for all. Your hunger to consume food from grocery stores and restaurants is putting a burden on our planet that cannot be sustained.

You and your country are xenophobic and racist if you do not open your borders to the refugees who are trying to escape the impacts of climate change on their homelands. You need to open your mind and your heart as we move to a global society. Quit thinking locally and start thinking globally. 

The top leaders of state, science and business are working hard to foster a global reset to solve our crises. Why can’t you just sit down, shut up and follow what is best for you as a global citizen? Trust the experts. They know what they are doing. Get on board or get left behind.

Does this sound like the wild-eyed rantings from “that liberal-environmentalist” Facebook friend of yours? What if I told you those were all part of the themes and the discussions coming out of the World Economic Forum’s 2023 conference held Jan. 16-20 in Davos, Switzerland?

Shamed and Gore-d   

Globalist-climate change extremist and former Vice President Al Gore sits on the WEF board of trustees. He passionately proclaimed the continued need for a global reset before we destroy planet Earth. 

 He shamed Americans for xenophobically resisting the 1 million-plus refugees seeking to enter our country, saying there will be over 1 billion people seeking refuge 

in other countries because of the havoc wreaked by climate change.

Where do you think the Biden administration’s “build back better” concepts came from? They dogmatically believe a strong America hurts the world. King Charles is a British globalist-climate change extremist who is also part of the World Economic Forum. He touted the need for the world to “build back better” as he championed the Great Reset movement, led by WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab. 

There is a coalition of powerful elites who want to usher in a new era for the globe. Why do you think there is such a reaction to Elon Musk releasing the “Twitter Files?” The powerful elites hate it when we find out what they are really up to. They do not want us to be able to freely express our opinions on these matters. If you do not get in line with their agenda, you are the enemy. Therefore, you should be silenced and your social media accounts suspended. Do you wonder why Elon Musk doesn’t get invited to the World Economic Forum?

Ronald Reagan famously said, “The top nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” When the government gets bigger, our freedoms get smaller. 

With the likes of Al Gore and Klaus Schwab sharing their globalist agenda with political and business leaders from the world, why should we be concerned? While they view their role as protectors and advancers of the planet, in reality, they are moving the world toward a one-world system, which is a highlight of the Antichrist’s rule during the Great Tribulation period, as described in Rev. 13:16-18. 

The world is being prepared to accept their solution to our complex global issues. World leaders attending these kinds of forums are being conditioned and pressured to think globally in their decisions. The Antichrist will eventually take advantage of this conditioned thought pattern as he implements and advances his agenda. With the key economic world leaders on board, the rest of the population will be forced to follow to survive. During the Great Tribulation, it’s either get on board or starve.

Would you like to understand how they think and how they want the world to think? “The basic tenet of the programme [sic] is the premise that the current crises, as serious as they are, are manifestations of larger systemic deficiencies accrued over time.” In other words, the current energy, healthcare and food crises, for example, happened because of thinking locally instead of globally. 

Selfish Local Thinkers   

Thinking locally is anything less than thinking globally. If you put your community or your country ahead of the globe, you are thinking locally. To them, this is selfish and small-minded.

This is further revealed in their very next statement. “They [the current crises] are also the result of a narrow vision of systems as sectors rather than true multidisciplinary, networked entities that are highly dynamic, particularly in the context of the meta trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change.” 

They reason since individuals and businesses tend to look out for their own interests in their small sphere of expertise and influence, we are losing the big picture of how it is all connected. Here comes their peer-pressure: the fate of the world depends on whether we will stop being selfish and small-minded, or get with the global program.

Notice what they said in the previous quote: To view whole systems as individual sectors is thinking too narrowly. They do not want the world leaders and citizens to think in terms of the parts, such as the financial sector, the technology sector, the healthcare sector or the government sector. Instead, they want us to think in terms of the whole. Their global vision sees, for example, the auto industry working with the financial sector and technology sector, not merely to advance their vehicles, but also to solve energy crises, climate change, workforce development issues, food shortages and more.

One-World Vision  

To solve every world problem, the World Economic Forum finds a globally centered solution. This aligns perfectly with Scripture about the one-world government and economy during the Great Tribulation. While the WEF believes it is doing what is best for the world, they are ultimately setting the stage for the end-times rule of the Antichrist. 

Do not forget, the book of “Revelation” does not describe the enemy’s victory. It is Jesus Christ’s victory over sin, Satan and evil once and for all. The Antichrist and his fleeting one-world system will fall. Jesus’ eternal rule and kingdom will thrive in perfection forever! 

Open your eyes to what is happening in our world, but fix your eyes on Jesus.

Remember His words, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28).

[All quotations are taken directly from the World Economic Forum’s official website. This article is available at:]

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Josh Davis

SWRC Staff Evangelist Josh Davis accepted Jesus Christ as Savior at a young age and grew up in a preacher’s home. While preparing for a career in pharmacy, God redirected Josh’s heart, mind, and future to prepare for ministry. He earned a Master of Divinity from Southern Evangelical Seminary near Charlotte, NC. He has served his home church in pastoral ministry since 2007. God has blessed Josh with a lovely wife and two wonderful kids.

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