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Guardians of the Grail: The Legend of the Holy Grail (DVD) J.R. Church

SKU: X1536


J.R. Church teaches on “The Legend of the Holy Grail!”

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Guardians of the Grail: The Legend of the Holy Grail (DVD) J.R. Church

J.R. Church delivers this lecture before a live audience in Tampa, Florida. He takes you back through European history to follow the development of the legend behind the so-called Holy Grail. Beginning with the origin of the Merovingian dynasty, he makes the connection to all the royalty of Europe and to the knights (the private armies of the kings), including the Knights Templar. There is also a connection to various branches of secret societies – Rosicrucians, Freemasons, the Illuminati, etc., – all hold a significant place in the grail legend.

According to the legend, the grail represented many things – a cup, a stone, but most significantly, the womb of Mary Magdalene, from whom came the royal houses of Europe. This poor woman, out of whom Jesus cast seven devils, has been made to be a harlot, though the Scriptures never portrayed her as such. Her redemption lay in the legend that Jesus fathered children by her, and that their divine children bore the kings and queens of Europe. Therefore, her womb became the vessel known as the Holy Grail. In this lecture, you will learn the outcome of the grail legend – the birth of the Antichrist!