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Holy Land Showdown – K.D. Mehlhoff

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An explanation of the struggle between the State of Israel and the Palestinians.

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Holy Land Showdown – K.D. Mehlhoff

A biblical investigation into the covenant God confirmed to Abraham reveals an astounding fact: the world views Abraham’s modern descendants as illegally occupying the very land that God promised them as an everlasting possession. What are the implications?

Four thousand years ago, God made an oath to Abraham involving land in which he and his descendants were to possess and occupy. That very same land is the cause of the modern controversy between Israel and the Arabs. In fact, the very heart of the land promised to Abraham is perceived by the world as being illegally occupied by Abraham’s modern descendants, the Jewish nation of Israel. The question is, “Is God’s promise to Abraham still valid today?” If so, then the world is on a collision course with God over the status of this land. If not, then valid questions are raised regarding the integrity of Holy Scripture, because God referred to His oath to Abraham as an “everlasting covenant.” There is no issue today that has greater implication concerning our future. The world faces real danger, not from the threat of terrorism, or from the weapons that terrorists may employ, but from miscalculating God’s sovereign determination to keep His long-standing oath to Abraham.