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Mark of the Beast Zoom

Mark of the Beast

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Product Description


    Author: Jerry Tyson
    Original Story by Sidney Watson


    During the last quarter of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first, much was been written about the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the next great event on God’s calendar, but that calendar is not available for us to view. When will the trumpet sound? When will those of us who have placed trust in Christ for our eternal salvation hear Him call, “Come up hither,” and we disappear from earth to be with Him in Heaven? We don’t know. It could be soon. The final words of Mr. Watson’s first volume in this series repeats what scripture tells us. It will be In the Twinkling of an Eye.

    Today? Perhaps!

    If it did happen today, what would be next? What will happen to those who are still on earth? Scripture tells of a time of tribulation the likes of which the earth has never seen before. The more than seven billion souls alive on earth today would be reduced to considerably less than half that number in seven years of unprecedented persecution, war, persecution, and suffering.

    Mr. Watson may have been the first to use fiction as a vehicle to present the events of the future from the biblical perspective. One hundred years ago, he could not have dreamed of the technological advances the world was to experience. In this revision, we have attempted to bring the oritinal storyline up to date without completely destroying some of the quaintness of the style popular among writers at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

    Some of the characters carry over from In the Twinkling of an Eye and go through that seven-year future period to its incredible conclusion.

    Ponder, if you will, the truth of scripture as you read. Consider, please, your condition as one who will either be with Christ in Heaven during that time or one who is left on earth either to belatedly stand for truth or to take your position with the forces of Satan and suffer eternal damnation in a Hell that burns with a literal fire forever.

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