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Michael Samuel Smith Bundle

SKU: G1004


Three DVDs by Michael Samuel Smith

  • God By the Numbers
  • Real Forgiveness
  • Women in Ministry: Then and Now

In stock

God By the Numbers

If you love Bible prophecy and are fascinated by what numbers mean in the Bible, this teaching is the BIG ONE you’ve been waiting for! It is probably the most detailed presentation of biblical numerics ever made into film.

Real Forgiveness

The purpose of this video is to educate the viewer about the subject of forgiveness and what the Bible has to say about it. You will see several Bible stories you have read before in a surprising new light and learn little-known facts and hidden prophecies along the way.

Women in Ministry: Then and Now

This documentary’s focus is on women in ministry from Bible times to the present. Bible teacher Michael Samuel Smith said, “My intention is to examine the whole counsel of God and what His Word has to say about the subject. Even though this topic has been controversial, I believe the Scriptures explicitly show the contributions of women as they have a tremendous influence in the Gospel going forward.”